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    Sore No-More Free Sample


    Arenus® maker of Sore No-More® recently partnered with Benefab® after a long search to find the best wearable therapies on the market. Do to our quality control, integrity and revolutionary ‘smart’ products that combine ceramic and magnetic therapies, the CEO of Arenus, Dr. Jay Altman, DVM, shook hands with owner of Benefab, Kat Chrysostom to begin this exciting new venture.

    Since the creation of this business, my goal has been to provide people with the highest quality product that makes a difference in the lives and health of both animals and people. Beyond providing just therapeutic products, I thoroughly enjoy educating people about natural therapies that are proven to be effective. The efficacy of Sore No-More® paired beautifully with the small company I had built and I felt the partnership would be strong.

    I’d like to share with you a bit about Sore No-More® and why it works so well in conjunction with Benefab®. Clinically proven to help horses with back soreness, Sore No-More’s herbal based liniments are all natural and free of counterirritants which will prevent the horse’s skin from burning or blistering. Traditional liniments that include counterirritants such as capsaicin, menthol, alcohol, methyl salicilate or benzoin resin irritate the skin in an effort to increase vasodilation and subsequently increase evaporative cooling. Sore No-More® liniments utilize the compounds in herbs to enter the dermis and muscular system to relieve pain and inflammation. Because there is no irritation created by these natural liniments, they can be used prior to exercise and under equipment to help loosen and relax muscles before your horse even begins work.

    On a daily basis, Arenus’ and my customers use the Benefab® and Sore No-More® combination effectively – without irritation, burning or blistering of their horse.

    I believe in this combo so much that I am willing to give you a FREE 6 oz. bottle of the Sore No-More Ultra. Normally, this clinical strength bottle is a $20 value, but I am giving it to you for the small shipping and handling cost of $4.95.

    That’s less than $5…. All you have to do is fill out the order form and we will ship your FREE bottle of Sore No-More® Ultra.

    Ready to buy a full size bottle? See our entire selection of Sore No-More products here: http://benefabproducts.com/sore-no-more/

    Note: Limit one per customer.

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    Product Description

    • A thicker formula than the liniment that is easy to apply before and after a ride.
    • The Gelotion is a better option to use on areas such as the girth, poll, neck and lower limbs, where regular liniment might run off, causing product waste.
    • The thicker consistency allows for a more precise application, leading to focus on a specific area of deep and soft tissue discomfort.
    • Has dual usage as a coupling medium for ultrasound work while helping to ease any discomfort associated with soft tissue inflammation.

    The research backed Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion is the optimal consistency of liniment, as a gelotion, for easy application to areas where regular liniment might run off. It is a clinical strength formula that helps reduce inflammation and increase circulation making it a staple choice for those who do not want to waste a drop.

    Conceived for high level competitors and developed for all levels of riders, it is a worry free product to use on competition day. Formulated with all-natural, herbal ingredients that are not on many agency regulatory lists, it is the ideal choice to use before and after competition. This Gelotion is safe to use under tack, boots, wraps, blankets and with therapeutics like BeneFab by Sore No-More®, it will help ease deep and soft tissue discomfort that arises before, during and after competition. Highly absorbable, it will infiltrate those deep muscle pains without causing friction and warmth under tack. Though it is clinical strength, it is safe to use on delicate skinned horses. For those getting back into the show ring routine after an injury, the Gelotion helps aid in bringing horses back after injury by helping to reduce inflammation and increase circulation to muscles, tendons and ligaments.