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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is BeneFab by Sore No-More?

    Benefab stands for Beneficial Fabrics, and we are a company that is dedicated, heart and soul, to the well-being of others. The company was founded from the inspiration of a tragic accident that the owner, founder, and designer experienced, that left her in a life-changing condition. You can read the Benefab Story here, and check out what makes us different by clicking here.

    What health conditions are BeneFab products effective toward?


    Do you have products for dogs and cats?

    Although we don’t have any products out designed specifically for canines and felines YET, our current customers have had great success using some of our existing products. For example, cats and dogs LOVE laying on our Therapeutic Blanket – try laying it across their favorite bed and see the results!


    How do the products work?

    All the products in the BeneFab line are designed to be effective, durable, and easy to care for, without sacrificing style and appearance. The science behind them is incredibly innovative and research-backed. The line is made with ceramic infused materials that are proven to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. They do so by emitting far infrared wavelengths that penetrate to the deep tissue level and excite the oxygen atoms in the blood. This in turn increases blood circulation and dilates capillaries, ultimately reducing inflammation, stiffness, and pain.


    What are some of the effects of BeneFab products?

    A few of the effects of BeneFab material have been discovered throughout many years of comprehensive research completed by scientists and doctors for natural health remedies. Some of these effects include, but are not limited to, the following:


    When do you begin to feel the effects of BENEFab™ Materials?

    The answer to this question varies from case to case dependent upon the animals’ or humans’ symptoms and their current health condition. One may start feeling the pain relieving benefits almost immediately for products that are placed directly against the skin, while others wearing BENEFab™ products may take several (commonly three) weeks to notice and feel the fully profound results.


    Do they actually work?

    BeneFab was founded with a purpose to help others find relief for their pain and soreness from injury or trauma – something the owner knows very well. When she began using ceramic infused products herself, there was no doubt in her mind that she needed to share them with the world. Through countless trials and designs, she perfects the products with the user in mind, whether that be you or your horse (and soon, your canines and felines). You’ll see increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks of use – it’s our customer promise. Results can be different for every user, but our customer testimonials can’t lie. Read them straight from the horse’s mouth here.


    Do users ever not feel a difference when using BENEFab™ products?

    The current state of health of each individual using our products sometimes varies the effects and can make them more subtle than others. If users do not feel profound effects from of Ceramic Material (FIR fabric), this is an indication of good health and circulation. In such circumstances, using BENEFab™ products will still provide long term benefits as preventative therapy.


    Is there research proving the effectiveness of the products?

    We’re glad you asked – of course! Click here to learn more.


    What is your customer promise?

    Increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks of use. We back our products 100% and strive for your satisfaction. With three weeks of proper use in a dedicated regiment, we promise results.


    How do I start using the products?

    We recommend users to start by slowly introducing the fabric to their body by beginning to wear the materials for no more than 4 hours at a time. After implementing this regiment for 4-6 days, your body will have had time to familiarize itself with the actual effects of the material. Due to the high increase in blood circulation, it is possible for the human/animal body to react with slight pain and/or swelling. If pain or swelling occurs within this first week, simply discontinue use of the product at that time, and begin re-introducing it again the next day.

    Once, you feel comfortable with the fabric up to four hours at a time, you may increase your wear of the products as comfort allow. We recommend you wear the product(s) as much as possible for at least 3 weeks for healing and therapeutic measures to take effect.


    Are all of the BeneFab™ products magnetic?

    Only our SMART products contain any sort of magnets. Our products are made up of ceramic materials which emit the FIR (Far-Infrared) ray. This is not a type of magnetic therapy and should not be compared to magnetic therapy. All human products can be used on humans which have pace makers or any other implants as our products will not effect the function of these devices; however, the we insist that customers with pace makers or any other implants exercise caution when dealing with the SMART Equine products.



    What exactly is Ceramic Therapy?

    Ceramic Therapy is a heat therapy caused by Bio Ceramics, which are made up of a combination of many lead free minerals and stone such as Silica, Magnesium, Aluminum, and many other types of ceramics. The ceramic powder is a combination of all these ceramic stones and elements and appears as a fine, white powder to the naked eye. That powder is melted into the threads of BeneFab™ materials during the weaving process of our fabrics. This gives every product permanent therapeutic effects. By emitting far infrared wavelengths that penetrate to the deep tissue level and excite the oxygen atoms in the blood, therefore, it increases blood circulation and dilates capillaries, ultimately reducing inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

    Do BeneFab Ceramic products make users warm?

    Although the therapy our products provide is “heat-based” it is not your typical heat therapy. You won’t feel the warmth of our products the same way as if you were using a heat pack. All our products are uniquely designed to wick away moisture, as well as maintain breathability. For the winter months, however, we have products designed for warmth, such as our scarf and blanket. The majority of our products, including our SocksPolos, SmartHood, and SmartScrim, are perfect for year-round use.


    Can I put the products on my horse and turn them out on a hot day?

    We have never had any issues with customers using our products and experiencing overheating. With that being said, we NEVER recommend leaving your horse unsupervised in the pasture while wearing any sort of product. When temperatures rise above 90 degrees, it is best to make sure your horse has ample shade or a fan in general and while using a product; however, you know your horse best, so be sure to watch for signs of overheating.


    Will it burn my horse?

    Never. Our products provide simple, gentle therapies that cannot burn or blister if used properly.



    How durable are the BeneFab materials?

    We know how much of a challenge it can be to protect our equine products from damage, so we make sure to use high quality, durable materials, so that you can rest easy knowing they’ll  hold up to the pressure of daily use. BeneFab products are created with an emphasis on effectiveness, durability, and longevity.


    How long does the material effect and its benefits last?

    The ceramic fibers are permanently infused into the threads of our products through a melting process. In theory, your products should never lose their benefits as long as you care for them properly, which you can learn about below.


    Are they washable?

    Of course! Every BeneFab product is Machine washable. Refer to these easy instructions below:

    Please note: Excessive heat will damage the ceramic material and hinder your results.


    What is SMART therapy?

    SMART Therapy is the newest addition to the Benefab series. In addition to the ceramic infused mesh, we’ve incorporated 84 medical-grade magnets over key acupuncture points along the horse’s body. The magnets mimic a wearable, noninvasive form of modern and ancient acupuncture therapy.


    Why Magnets?

    We use magnets that are positioned with the North (Healing) side facing the horse. They replicated acupuncture therapy, which you can become an expert on here, by drawing the iron in the blood to the specific area of the magnet. This provides an immediate, targeted therapy in addition to an overall increase in blood circulation from the beneficial fabric. They harmonize bodily functions safely and naturally, stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness.

    What kind of Magnets do you use?

    We use medical-grade neodymium unipolar magnets that face North side towards the body.


    Does size affect magnet accuracy?

    We have adjusted the sizing on our products to be extremely accurate, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to magnet accuracy. The SMART products are fully adjustable, and can be contoured to fit your horses body to your preference. The magnets are designed to cover the area around the magnet, not just where the magnet sits specifically.


    What makes BENEFab™ saddle pads so unique?

    Besides having ceramic on the underside of our pads… Our saddle pads feature the Lotus Effect material on the top side. This material wicks away moisture and dirt easily and completely. The material itself is easy-to-clean, quick-dry, stain resistant, and does not wrinkle.

    The lotus affect material is designed to last up to 60 washes. Regardless of the number of washes your pad endures, the saddle pad will always remain durable, breathable, and wrinkle free!


    What is Sore No-More?

    Sore No-More is our partner in success, and comes from Arenus, the world’s leader in all-natural equine health and nutrition.  It’s an all-natural, non-irritating blend of herbs that is clinically proven to decrease back pain in horses, but can be used in all areas to help reduce pain. Sore No-More® offers a multitude of products for your horse from fly sprays to poultices.


    Can Sore No-More be used on people?

    Sore No-More is advertised as a product for your horse, however, it works excellent for humans as well! Sore No-More products are formulated with all natural ingredients, so they’re safe to use on most people’s skin; however, as always, be sure to check for any allergens you may have.



    Can I buy BeneFab in-stores?

    Yes! We have over a hundred dealers Nationwide and soon to be Worldwide. You can check out where we’re located here.


    What if I receive my product and it doesn’t fit?

    If for whatever reason your product doesn’t fit correctly, we’d be happy to send you a different size upon return of the initial product. Just make sure that once you try it on, assess the fit and immediately cease use if you’re not pleased with the size, then put the product back in the packaging, and let us know that you need a different size. We only accept unused products (trying it on doesn’t count as use, but wearing it for an extended period of time does).


    How do I know what size to get?

    Our products follow common sizing guidelines. For our SmartScrims, whatever size blanket your horse normally is is the size SmartScrim they will need. For SmartHoods, we gauge size based on weight, which is described on the product page. Our QuickWraps are one size fits most. Our human product sizing can be compared to similar products; for example, use your normal glove size as reference when ordering our Fingerless Gloves. We also have size charts on our product pages for your convenience.


    Is there a way that I can collaborate with BeneFab?

    Absolutely! We’re dedicated to what we do, and that includes supporting our community as much as we can. We have a number of opportunities that may be useful to you.


    Can I apply for sponsorship/ambassadorship?

    Yes; however, we receive an exuberant amount of applicants and opportunities are usually unavailable. We ask that you reach out to us with the following information:


    Can I become a dealer?

    In order to become a dealer, there are a few requirements to meet. You must be a registered therapist, doctor, or own a storefront. We distribute our products exclusively through Arenus – to fill out the dealer application, click here.


    Can I schedule an interview or book a BeneFab representative?

    Our small team at BeneFab loves to team up with our customers and supporters – feel free to reach out to HeatherLynn@benefabproducts.com if you’re interested in setting up a time to chat.

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